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Video of the Week

Creme Brulee

If you have just made meringues then this is the perfect recipe for you  to use up all those egg yolks. The great thing about cooking custard in a Combi steam oven is that you don't need a water bath and you certainly don't need to cover the custards. Keep the temperature low and cook them  for approximately 50 minutes. This is just one more way a Combi steam oven  makes cooking easier.


Convection Recipes

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Convection Steam Recipes

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Recipes with Convection and Convection Steam Modes in Mind!

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What People Say

Paul C - PA

“After watching Larissa’s videos we changed our kitchen design to include a Steam Oven because we finally understood how it would benefit our cooking,  our only disappointment is we don’t live closer to attend one of her classes.”

Ellie K - SF

“After attending one of Larissa’s demonstrations my home-cooked chicken improved from average to off the charts (my husband + kids words). The Convection knowledge she shared turned out to be a life changing event on how I prepared my family meals from that day forward.”

Carol K, SF

"Larissa unlocked the mysteries of steam oven cooking for me and gave me the confidence to use the oven daily"



The Educator

Larissa launched her culinary career in 1981 during a time of great change in the Bay Area culinary world. Without any formal training but with a lot of passion, and insight into changing tastes she opened a wholesale baking business followed by several bakery cafes in the SF financial district. The great response to her simple, fresh, flavorful food led to a high demand for catering, providing her with valuable experience working with a variety of people.

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The Contributors


Susanne Jensen

Susanne, a native of Denmark, settled in the United States after several adventures around the world.  Her love of cooking and belief in the healing powers of food led her to study natural foods and macrobiotic cooking at the Kushi Institute in Boston. 

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Cathy Dyla

For the past 19 years, Cathy has run the culinary education programs for the Purcell Murray Company in Southern California. In addition to teaching product education and cooking classes in the Huntington Beach Showroom, Cathy participated in countless dealer training events, providing valuable hands-on experience teaching the salespeople how the latest innovations in appliances could benefit the home cook.

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Paul Tang

After graduating from the San Francisco City College Culinary Program 19 years ago Paul became a popular member of the Purcell Murray culinary education team. Over the years Paul has participated in numerous consumer and dealer training events as well as taking the role of chef for the many special events we hosted. 

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