Steamed Artichokes with Ravioli

Learning which pans work best for steaming different vegetables in a combi steam oven is a process of trial and error.  Take artichokes for example, you would think they would steam perfectly in the perforated pan but actually results are much better when they are steamed in a solid pan with a little water and lemon.

If the pans that came with your oven are either too big or too small you can use an oven safe casserole dish.  Allow approximately 30 minutes to steam the artichokes and since it’s a shame to miss the opportunity to steam something else at the same time why not steam some ravioli and toss them with some freshly made pesto for an easy delicious meal.


Black-Eyed Pea Jambalaya with Broiled Shrimp and Andouille Sausage

Black-eyed pea Jambalaya is an easy flavorful dish to prepare and is made even more delicious when some luscious shrimp and andouille sausage are broiled and added in just before serving. This recipe is a good example of how you can adapt a traditional recipe and cook part of the meal in the oven without sacrificing any flavor.

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